Depressed and lonely no friends

Depressed and lonely no friends

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Depressed and retiring no schoolmates.

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Depressed and forsaken no supporters.

To the gay guys- where did you meet your boyfriend(s)?

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‘I feel like I am completely unloveable’ – Miley, 32

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    While the study was observational, which means firm conclusions cannot be drawn about cause and effect, it suggests that addressing loneliness could pay a major role in tackling the two major causes of death in wealthy societies.


    Having meaningful friendships is an asset in life, but in some chapters you might find yourself without any close friends.

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    It can be for straightforward reasons, like being away from home or having problems with friends and family.

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    Even with harmful merit rating there are precisely flats in Waterford, Florida that are astute to stir with tenants with rental issues.